Karla Wants Blindfold On Him


Karla Kush is a smoking hot blonde beauty from nubilefilms who knows how gorgeous she is and she knwos what she wants. Today she is going to seduce her lover and play him like a musical intruments, knowing all her buttons and how to push them to get the best reaction out of him. She wants to drive him mad with desire, so she decides to blind him allowing him to feel how she touches him even more. Once the blindfold is secured in place, the glorious babe kisses her deep, licking into his mouth before moving her way lower, teasing his nipples, laving at his navel and then finally kissing the head of his leaking cock before finally taking mercy on him and pulling him into her mouth. She gives him a fantastic blowjob, sucking on his cock eagerly as he draws in a breath and pushes forward, trying to fuck her mouth. That’s not bow Karla wants to go, however, so she pulls back but only to turn around and sink down on his dick, riding him hard until they both come.

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