Lena Anderson – Enosle


Meet Lena Anderson, a lovely young beauty face from met-art who’s just woken up. She walks out into the kitchen in a tiny shirt she doesn’t bother doing up and black panties that highlight the glorious curve of her ass. Her pale creamy skin seems to be glowing in the soft morning light, basking her in etheral glow. She bews coffee and takes a sip of it, breathing in the scent and sighing in content. This morning is simply perfect, and she can’t help but close her eyes to think back to the night before when she enjoyed having sex with her lover almost all night along. Her body is still trembling from it, she can still feel his length as if it was still in her. She gets so turned on from thinking about it that she ends up taking off her clothes to get fully nude so that she can have some fun alone in the kitchen. Don’t miss it out!

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